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Just in: Alec Baldwin Calls Elon Musk ‘A Scumbag’ On ‘The View’, Musk reacts

It is a truth universally acknowledged that when a Hollywood celebrity and a tech billionaire feud, the most likely place for this would be, without a doubt, daytime talk show, “The View”. Last Tuesday, audiences were served a heaping portion of this unexpected yet somehow mundane drama when Alec Baldwin, renowned for his fiery temperament, […]

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Just in: Keanu Reeves Will Replace Disgraced Alec Baldwin When “Rust” Resumes Filming

In a surprise move, it has been announced that actor Keanu Reeves will be replacing disgraced actor Alec Baldwin in the upcoming movie “Rust” when filming resumes. The decision comes after Baldwin’s involvement in a fatal shooting incident on set, which has led to widespread controversy and calls for his removal from the film. Baldwin […]

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