Black Lives Matter

Buffalos Kneel Deion Sanders
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TRUE: Coach Prime Benched 3 Persistent Anthem Kneelers On The Spot

In a league where athletes are celebrated for their prowess on the field, social and political stances often take a back seat. However, a recent incident involving Coach Prime has stirred the waters of controversy, creating a ripple effect across the football community. Coach Prime, revered for his knowledge of the game and leadership abilities, […]

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Jack Daniels’ ‘Woke’ Statement Costs Company $100 Million in Sales and Counting

In what can only be described as a sobering turn of events, Jack Daniels has announced that it lost a staggering $100 million in one “woke” weekend. The whiskey company’s woes began when it released a statement expressing support for the Black Lives Matter movement and pledging to do more to promote diversity and inclusion. […]

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