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Breaking: Lia Thomas Banned From Participating In Women’s Sports, “She Doesn’t Fit”

In a world more obsessed with rules than a hall monitor with a new whistle, the International Women’s Sports Federation (IWSF) announced today that Lia Thomas , the lightning rod trans athlete, has been banned from participating in women’s sports. First, let’s address the elephant in the room or, in this case, the grizzly bear on […]

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Whoopi Crying

Just in: NAACP Cancels Whoopi’s Membership

The NAACP made waves in the entertainment industry this week when it announced that it had canceled Whoopi Goldberg’s membership due to “inappropriate behavior” and “frequent violations of the organization’s values and principles.” According to sources within the NAACP, Goldberg had been a member of the organization for several years, but her behavior had become […]

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