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Robert De Niro Jimmy Kimmel Live

Breaking: Jimmy Kimmel Live Receives Lowest TV Rating in History Following Episode With Robert De Niro

In an unexpected turn of events that has the entertainment industry buzzing, “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” has hit a new low in terms of viewership. The show’s recent episode featuring Robert De Niro, the acclaimed actor known for his sharp wit and equally sharp tongue, has reportedly received the lowest rating in television history for a […]

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Travis Kelce Taylor
Featured Hollywood Satire

TRUE: NFL’s TV Ratings Drop By 50% Due To Taylor Swift’s Presence

In the formidable universe of the National Football League (NFL), where touchdowns and towering athletic feats typically seize attention, a new protagonist has entered the scene, eliciting both spectacle and skepticism – Taylor Swift. With a reported 50% drop in TV viewership during a Kansas City Chiefs game graced by the global pop sensation, a […]

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