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Jimmy Kimmel Oscars

Breaking: Jimmy Kimmel Loses Brand Deals Worth $500 Million After His Woke Oscars Monologue

In an astonishing twist of fate that has rippled through the entertainment industry, Jimmy Kimmel, the renowned comedian and late-night talk show host, finds himself at a career-defining crossroads. Following his recent Oscars monologue, which was heavily imbued with “woke” themes, Kimmel has reportedly lost brand deals collectively valued at an eye-watering $500 million. This […]

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Featured Hollywood Satire

TRUE: Oliver Anthony Sues Fox News For $10 Million

In an audacious turn of events that has left the country music world aghast and the media fraternity both perplexed and amused, Oliver Anthony, the singer who broke the internet with his hit single “Rich Men North of Richmond,” has slammed Fox News with a whopping $10 million lawsuit . The charge? Unauthorized use of his […]

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