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Hank Williams Jr. Beyonce

Breaking: Hank Williams Jr. Blasts Beyoncé’s New Country Songs, “Fine Her For Impersonating A Country Artist”

In the world of country music, tradition holds a sacrosanct place. So, when Beyoncé released her genre-bending country album, Cowboy Carter, it was bound to stir up controversy. But the reaction from country music stalwart Hank Williams Jr. was particularly scathing. Williams has publicly criticized Beyoncé’s venture into country music, suggesting that her attempt is […]

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Featured Hollywood Satire

TRUE: CMT’s CEO Resigns Amid the Jason Aldean Controversy

In the world of country music, one would assume a song could be the making of a star, not the unmaking of a corporate executive. But in a surprising twist in the ongoing saga of Jason Aldean’s hit song controversy , the CEO of Country Music Television (CMT) has reportedly hung up his cowboy hat, resigning […]

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