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Beyonce And Grammys

Breaking: Beyoncé’s New Country Album Disqualified From Grammy’s Album Of The Year Nomination

In an unexpected twist in the music industry, Beyoncé’s latest album, Cowboy Carter, has been disqualified from the prestigious Grammy’s Album of the Year category. This decision has sparked a whirlwind of debate and disappointment among fans and music critics alike. The album, which marks Beyoncé’s creative dive into the country music genre, has been […]

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Kid Jason Cmt offer
Featured Hollywood Satire

TRUE: Kid Rock Ditches $50 Million CMT Contract in Solidarity with Jason Aldean.

The world of country music was left gobsmacked when Kid Rock, known for his brash style and outspoken nature, gave up a whopping $50 million deal with Country Music Television (CMT). The reason? His unwavering support for fellow country music star, Jason Aldean, and Aldean’s controversial song ‘Try That In A Small Town’. Now, to […]

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