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TRUE: NFL Denies Kaepernick’s Return; Suggests Pursuing Shampoo Endorsements

In a surprise turn of events that’s certain to spark both laughter and heated debates, the NFL has officially declined Colin Kaepernick’s latest attempt to return to professional football. Instead of a spot on the field, they’ve suggested he might be better off endorsing shampoo brands. Yes, you read that correctly—shampoo. Colin Kaepernick, the former […]

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John Elway Kneeling

John Elway Takes a Firm Stand: ‘Kneeling on My Field Will Result in Immediate Termination’

In a stunning announcement today, Denver Broncos General Manager and Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway declared that any player who kneels during the national anthem on his field will be immediately fired. “Listen, I understand the importance of free speech,” Elway began at a press conference. “But when it comes to disrespecting our country […]

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