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“Not On My Field”: Coach Andy Reid Fires 3 Top Players On The Spot For Anthem Kneeling

In a surprising turn of events, the NFL found itself in the midst of controversy as Coach Andy Reid, at the helm of the Kansas City Chiefs, took a firm stance against anthem kneeling. The resonating repercussions of this decision have sparked debates about the intersection of sports and activism. Let’s delve into the details […]

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Colin Kaepernick Help Aaron Rodgers
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TRUE: Jets Head Coach Says He Will Quit ‘On the Spot’ if Colin Kaepernick Joins

New York City has never been one to shy away from drama, whether it be in Broadway shows, the occasional tabloid scandal, or, as of recently, its beloved football team – the New York Jets. This time around, the drama revolves around two high-profile figures in the world of football: Jets’ head coach and the […]

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