Public Backlash

John Cena Endorsement Loses

Breaking: John Cena Faces Endorsement Losses Worth $800 Million After ‘Woke’ Oscar Moment

In a twist that Hollywood could scarcely have scripted, John Cena, the wrestler-turned-actor beloved by millions for his charisma both inside the ring and on the silver screen, finds himself at the center of a storm that has significant implications not just for his career, but for the culture of celebrity endorsements. The cause? A […]

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Jimmy Kimmel Oscars

Breaking: Jimmy Kimmel Loses Brand Deals Worth $500 Million After His Woke Oscars Monologue

In an astonishing twist of fate that has rippled through the entertainment industry, Jimmy Kimmel, the renowned comedian and late-night talk show host, finds himself at a career-defining crossroads. Following his recent Oscars monologue, which was heavily imbued with “woke” themes, Kimmel has reportedly lost brand deals collectively valued at an eye-watering $500 million. This […]

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Megan Rapinoe face immediate ejection
Featured Hollywood Satire

TRUE: Megan Rapinoe Kicked Out Immediately after Loud Boos at Guy Fieri’s Restaurant

In a stunning incident, Megan Rapinoe, the renowned U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team (USWNT) player and an outspoken advocate for social justice, faced a vehemently hostile reception at Guy Fieri’s restaurant, culminating in her immediate removal from the premises. The episode reflects not only the personal challenges faced by Rapinoe but also the broader contentious […]

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Kohl Woke Poeple
Featured Hollywood

Kohl’s Market Value Continues to Decline Following Its ‘Woke’ Stance

Kohl’s, the well-known clothing retailer, is navigating turbulent waters as its stock value continues to drop for the third consecutive day. This unexpected nosedive is linked to a similar controversy that enveloped Target recently when it faced a public boycott for promoting LGBT pride-centric products tailored for kids. Kohl’s is currently in the hot seat […]

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Target Lost 10 Billion

Just in: Target Loses $10 Billion In 10 Days Due To “Wokeness”

In a staggering turn of events, Minneapolis-based retail titan, Target, has experienced an astonishing loss of $10 billion in market value within just ten days. The sharp downturn comes as a direct result of the company’s attempt to champion what some critics label as ‘wokeness’, a term commonly used to describe heightened awareness of social […]

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