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Morgan Freeman Documentary

Breaking: Morgan Freeman Refuses to Narrate Another Documentary, ‘It’s Too Much Woke”

In a surprising turn of events, acclaimed actor and distinguished voice narrator Morgan Freeman has decided to step back from narrating documentaries, citing concerns over what he perceives as excessive political correctness or “wokeness” in recent projects. This revelation has sparked considerable debate within the entertainment industry and among his global fan base, highlighting the […]

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Robert Deniro Roseanne Barr
Featured Satire

“No Woke People Allowed Here”: Roseanne Barr Throws Robert Deniro Out Of Her Show

In a recent and unexpected twist within the entertainment industry, Roseanne Barr, a name synonymous with controversy and candidness, has made headlines again. This time, it’s for her decision to remove the legendary actor Robert De Niro from her latest television project. The bold move was underscored with a statement that’s as straightforward as it […]

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