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Anheuser-Busch CEO Makes Urgent Plea to Red State Drinkers: ‘Please Buy Our Beer Again’

In the aftermath of the Bud Light fiasco that left Anheuser-Busch reeling, the CEO of the brewing giant is making a desperate appeal to red state drinkers to once again embrace their brand. The fallout from a controversial marketing campaign featuring transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney on a commemorative Bud Light can has caused a significant […]

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Bud Light Fiasco Kid Rock

Bud Light’s Fiasco Causes Over $1 Billion in Losses, Leaving Investors Fuming

In a stunning turn of events, the Bud Light Fiasco has reportedly cost the company over $1 billion in losses, leaving investors absolutely furious. The debacle began when Bud Light decided to release a new line of flavored beers, including such questionable flavors as Bacon and Maple Syrup, Spicy Nacho Cheese, and Ranch Dressing. Despite […]

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