18-Year-Old High School Senior Makes History on West Islip School Board

In a remarkable turn of events in West Islip, Long Island, an 18-year-old high school senior has achieved a historic milestone by securing a seat on the West Islip school board. Quinn Bedell, driven by inspiration from his former sixth-grade teacher, who served as a school board member and tragically passed away last year, emerged as a write-in candidate and claimed one of the three available positions.

Reflecting on his decision to run for the school board, Bedell shared, “During my dear friend Tom Compitello’s funeral, the idea was presented, and it resonated with me deeply. I firmly believe that there is no better time than the present to make a difference.” Bedell’s dedication to his community is evident not only through his political aspirations but also in his other roles. He currently holds the position of student president on the Teacher Student Association Board, is an accomplished Eagle Scout, and even operates his own landscaping business.

“I am proud to say that I manage my own landscaping company,” Bedell stated with enthusiasm. “With a clientele of 65 individuals, I have the opportunity to employ fellow West Islip teens from our school while simultaneously contributing to the enhancement of our community. It’s a rewarding experience.”

Although Bedell’s educational journey has been met with obstacles, particularly his dyslexia diagnosis during the tenth grade, he remains resolute in championing the special education program that played a vital role in his development. “Being part of the special education program holds a special place in my heart,” Bedell emphasized. “Having personally experienced its benefits, I am committed to ensuring its continued success and growth.”

As he looks forward to embarking on his college education at SUNY Farmingdale in the upcoming fall, Bedell’s determination and passion for advocacy make him an inspiring figure within the West Islip community. His unique perspective as a high school student, business owner, and recipient of special education services will undoubtedly contribute valuable insights and perspectives to the school board. With Bedell’s presence, the West Islip school board is poised to benefit from a diverse range of perspectives and an unwavering commitment to the betterment of education and the community as a whole.

Alex Robin

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