Day: January 3, 2024

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Featured Satire

“Take Your Wokeness With You”: Candace Owens Throws Lia Thomas Out Of The View Set

In a turn of events that left viewers of “The View” both bewildered and amused, Candace Owens, the newest co-host replacing Whoopi Goldberg, took a stand against what she called “extreme wokeness” by theatrically ejecting Lia Thomas, the transgender swimmer, from the show’s set. The episode, which critics are already calling a mix between a […]

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Breaking: Tucker Carlson Joins Candace Owens on ‘The View’

In an unforeseen twist that could only be rivaled by the finale of a telenovela, the producers of “The View” have once again shocked the world. Hot on the heels of Candace Owens’ controversial addition to the panel, none other than Tucker Carlson, the firebrand conservative commentator, is set to co-host the show. Yes, you […]

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