Bud Light Now On Sale: Offers Beer Cases for Less Than $5

Bud Light On Sale

In the aftermath of the Bud Light fiasco, in which they sent some cans of beer to Dylan Mulvaney in a failed PR stunt, the company has announced a new marketing strategy: selling their product for under $5 a case.

According to a Bud Light spokesperson, the company is “trying to make things right” after the incident with Mulvaney. “We understand that we let our customers down, and we’re doing everything we can to make it up to them,” the spokesperson said. “That’s why we’re offering Bud Light for such a low price.”

The move has been met with mixed reactions. Some people are thrilled at the prospect of cheap beer, while others are skeptical of the company’s intentions.

“I don’t care what their motivations are,” said one Bud Light fan. “Five bucks for a case of beer is a steal. I’ll drink to that.”

Others, however, see the price drop as a desperate move to save face after the Mulvaney debacle.

“It’s too little, too late,” said one critic. “Bud Light should have thought twice before they sent those cans to Mulvaney. This is just a feeble attempt to make up for their mistake.”

Regardless of the mixed reactions, the sale seems to be drawing in customers. Many stores have reported selling out of their stock of Bud Light within hours of the sale’s announcement.

“We’ve never seen anything like it,” said one store manager. “People are flocking to our store just to get their hands on cheap beer.”

As for Mulvaney, he seems unfazed by the whole situation. “I didn’t ask for any of this,” he said. “But hey, if it means people are getting cheap beer, I guess it’s not all bad.”

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