Hero Marine Faces Charges: Witness Speaks Out in Controversial Subway Chokehold Case

A crucial witness has stepped forward in the Jordan Neely case, potentially offering new evidence that could clear defendant Daniel Penny of the charges brought against him by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

Penny, a Marine, was involved in an incident on the NYC subway where he used a chokehold on Jordan Neely, a homeless man who was reported to be threatening other passengers. However, a 66-year-old woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, has come forward to express her gratitude for Penny’s actions in protecting the subway passengers.

The witness, in an interview with the New York Post, expressed her hope that Penny receives fair treatment and has a skilled lawyer to defend him. She recalled the encounter with Neely, where he made threats to kill people on the train and declared his willingness to go to jail. Initially, Penny refrained from engaging with Neely, but as the situation escalated, he felt compelled to intervene.

Penny now faces charges of second-degree manslaughter, which could result in a maximum sentence of 15 years if convicted. His legal team has expressed confidence that once all the facts are presented, Penny will be cleared of any wrongdoing. They argue that he acted in self-defense to protect himself and the other passengers.

On the other side, attorneys representing Neely’s family criticized the Manhattan prosecutors for only charging Penny with manslaughter and demanded a murder charge, arguing that his actions were intentional.

During a press conference, Neely’s family members expressed their concerns and vowed to continue their pursuit of justice. They emphasized that justice, in their eyes, means a conviction for murder.

Penny’s attorney, Thomas Kenniff, stated that his client voluntarily surrendered with dignity and integrity, reflecting his history of service. Meanwhile, Reverend Al Sharpton, who was requested by Neely’s family to deliver the eulogy at his funeral, approved of Penny’s arrest and called for justice to prevail.

The disturbing video footage of the incident showed Penny, a former Marine, restraining Neely with a chokehold, leading to Neely losing consciousness and subsequently dying at the hospital. Neely had a history of mental health issues and a significant number of arrests on his record.

As the case unfolds, it remains essential to ensure a fair and thorough examination of all the evidence, taking into account the circumstances and actions of all parties involved. The pursuit of justice should aim to address the underlying issues surrounding mental health, homelessness, and the appropriate use of force while maintaining a commitment to fairness and equality.

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