Hero Marine Vet Defends Passengers, Faces Prosecution: Eyewitness Account Reveals the Truth

In a recent incident on a New York City train, Marine veteran Daniel Penny found himself at the center of controversy after fatally choking an erratic homeless man. However, an eyewitness, a retiree who has lived in the city for over 50 years, has come forward to describe Penny as a hero and criticize the decision to prosecute him. Speaking exclusively to Fox News Digital, the witness, a woman of color, expressed her belief that Penny’s actions were in self-defense and saved many lives on that fateful day.

The incident unfolded on May 1 when Jordan Neely, a 30-year-old individual suffering from mental illness, boarded the northbound F train and began screaming and threatening passengers. The witness, who was reading a book at the time, recalled the terrifying moments when Neely expressed a willingness to kill and take a bullet. Passengers, fearing for their lives, huddled near the exit doors with nowhere to escape.

It was in this tense situation that Daniel Penny intervened. As Neely mentioned the words “kill” and “bullet,” Penny took action, knowing that the situation called for immediate intervention to protect his fellow passengers. The witness noted that Penny waited until the last moment to act, ensuring the safety of those on the train. The witness couldn’t see the exact sequence of events until the doors opened at the Broadway-Lafayette station, and most passengers exited the train.

The witness described Penny as someone who genuinely cared for people, which she believed was the motive behind his actions. She also emphasized that the incident was not about race but about people of all colors being terrified and a man stepping in to help. According to her, the focus on race was divisive and detracted from the essence of the situation.

Although Penny’s actions were heroic, he appeared visibly shaken and distraught afterward. The witness emphasized that Penny did not want to harm Neely; rather, he was caught up in an unfortunate situation and had to make split-second decisions. Penny voluntarily remained on the train and cooperated with the police, accompanying them to the precinct for questioning.

Prosecutor Joshua Steinglass argued during Penny’s arraignment that Penny continued to hold Neely even after he had stopped moving, but it is important to consider the chaotic circumstances and the need for immediate restraint. The witness pointed out that it took three men, including Penny, to subdue Neely because he was actively resisting. Despite Penny’s intention to safeguard the lives of others, he now faces charges following widespread protests and public outcry.

The narrative surrounding the incident has taken a racial undertone, with Penny, a White man, being portrayed as a murderer for his actions against Neely, a Black man. However, the witness reiterated that this was not a matter of race but a situation where people of all backgrounds were in grave fear, and Penny courageously stepped forward to protect them. She expressed concern that race was being exploited to divide people rather than fostering unity.

Having experienced the city during the challenging times of the ’80s and ’90s, the witness compared the present situation to the past. She lamented the perceived regression in the city’s policies that fail to adequately address mental illness and criminal justice reforms that seem to lack accountability. Recalling the era when Rudolph Giuliani served as mayor and implemented a zero-tolerance approach to crime, she longed for a return to a safer and more orderly city.

Expressing her empathy for Neely, the witness acknowledged the tragic circumstances of his life, including the loss of his mother and his struggles with mental illness. Neely had a history of violent assaults on strangers in the subway and had been in and out of hospitals and jails. The witness emphasized that the problems facing New York City were reflective of broader

issues plaguing the United States as a whole. She expressed her concern that the country, once seen as a shining example to other nations, is now seemingly deteriorating and resembling a Third World country.

As for Daniel Penny, the witness revealed that she prays for him every day and is heartened by the support he has received. Penny’s legal defense fund has already raised over $2.5 million, but the legal battle ahead will undoubtedly be costly. The witness expressed her hope that more funds would be raised to ensure that Penny receives the justice she believes he deserves.

In her criticism of politicians and individuals who have vilified Penny, the witness singled out Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, questioning her decision to label the incident as a “lynching.” She believed that politicians should stand for the well-being of all people rather than exacerbating tensions.

Ultimately, the witness’s account sheds light on the complex nature of the incident involving Daniel Penny and Jordan Neely. It challenges the perception that Penny’s actions were motivated by racial animosity and highlights his role as a protector who stepped in to safeguard the lives of frightened passengers. The witness’s perspective calls into question the decision to prosecute Penny and invites a deeper examination of the circumstances surrounding the tragic event.

The incident on the New York City train serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by both law enforcement and civilians in navigating the complexities of public safety, mental health, and the criminal justice system. It calls for a thoughtful and nuanced approach that considers the well-being of all individuals involved. By delving into the details of this case, we can gain a better understanding of the difficult decisions people make in high-pressure situations and strive for a society that fosters compassion, understanding, and safety for all.

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