Just in: Adam Schiff Is Going Down Tomorrow

Adam Schiff Going Down

In a recent conversation with Steve Bannon, Rep. Luna (R-FL) confirmed a significant development within the Republican-majority House of Representatives. The GOP’s focus has sharply turned towards penalizing Adam Schiff (D-CA), a high-profile Democrat, with a forthcoming vote intended to censure him and a potential financial penalty. This unprecedented decision surfaces in the wake of escalating political discord and accumulating controversy linked to Schiff’s actions.

Representative Luna, who is emerging as a formidable conservative player, openly indicates that Schiff is on the verge of a downfall, labeling him as dishonest. Her stance reflects a burgeoning sentiment within the GOP, which has been gradually intensifying its calls for accountability.

During the course of the interview, Luna shed light on the upcoming vote and validated the endorsement she has received from GOP leadership. “From what I gather, we’re poised to cast a vote tomorrow that will censure him and possibly lead to a fine,” Luna declared. Her comments point to an imminent vote planned for tomorrow evening, indicating that a bill is in the pipeline. The underlying implication is unmistakable – the Republican Party is firmly committed to a coordinated, collective campaign to hold Schiff answerable for his actions.

The driving force behind this dramatic vote stems from the allegations leveled against Schiff. These revolve around his alleged propagation of “unfounded narratives” during the Trump-Russia investigation. Luna, along with her GOP colleagues, is firmly convinced that lawmakers must face the repercussions of their actions during this investigation. This belief has been buttressed by the conclusions drawn from the Durham report.

Schiff, a veteran Democrat known for his vocal criticism of the Trump administration, has routinely been the focus of Republican indignation. Only the day before, Luna (R-FL) highlighted the sustained efforts of the House Oversight Committee to hold the former House Judiciary Committee chair, Adam Schiff (D-CA), responsible for alleged mistruths about the Trump-Russia investigation during her guest appearance on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures.

Earlier in the month, Luna, the Florida congresswoman who is making her mark, put forth a motion to censure, denounce, and impose a $16 million fine on Schiff, alleging that he lied to the American populace about the investigation. This move closely followed the release of the Durham report, which confirmed that the FBI embarked on the Trump-Russia investigation without substantial proof to substantiate allegations of collusion.

Despite this, Schiff, during his stint as House Judiciary chair, regularly asserted that he had exclusive evidence demonstrating collusion between Trump and Russian intelligence agencies. “Without revealing specific details, I can affirm that there is non-circumstantial evidence. As I’ve consistently maintained, there is substantial proof of collusion,” Schiff stated in a 2017 interview with Meet The Press.

“I have every intention of confronting Adam Schiff directly. Maria, I have a privileged resolution that I’m presenting to the floor. We are resolute in fining this man $16 million for exploiting his position to mislead the American people and stir a groundless controversy. His actions not only scarred our nation but deepened divisions and could have inflicted lasting damage on our foreign relations,” Luna told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo.

“He is a lawbreaker, and rest assured, Adam Schiff, you will be held accountable.”

She referenced Schiff’s allegations of a “smoking gun,” a claim that never materialized. “He was privy to information that even I and many of my colleagues did not have access to,” Luna continued. “He took advantage of this privilege. He unequivocally endorsed and facilitated a corrupt FBI investigation into a sitting president.”

In a sharp critique, Luna blasted Schiff for not only bringing “disgrace to the House of Representatives” but also for significantly disrupting national harmony. She pointed out that the Trump Russia investigation resulted in a considerable $32 million burden on the American taxpayers.

Luna’s blunt revelations highlight a narrative that is gaining momentum within the Republican-led House. There is an overarching emphasis on accountability, emphasized by the proposed censure and substantial fine for Schiff. The GOP is ready to draw a line in the sand, and their decisive actions stand as proof of this commitment. The outcome of the imminent vote will undoubtedly set a precedent in the political sphere.

The GOP’s firm resolve to hold Schiff answerable for his perceived missteps during the Trump-Russia investigation signifies a remarkable moment in American politics. Their claims are bolstered by the recently unveiled Durham report, which reportedly disclosed the FBI’s initiation of the investigation despite insufficient supporting evidence.

Representative Schiff, despite his lengthy and distinguished career as a Democrat, has been a staunch critic of the Trump administration, a stance that has consistently drawn Republican ire. His relentless pursuit of alleged collusion between the Trump administration and Russian intelligence agencies has incited Republican fury, leading to the upcoming censure vote.

The day prior, Luna appeared on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures, emphasizing the House Oversight Committee’s unwavering efforts to hold Schiff accountable. The ongoing scrutiny revolves around his term as the House Judiciary Committee chair, a period during which he is accused of propagating untruths about the Trump-Russia investigation.

Earlier in the month, Luna, the rising star from Florida, spearheaded a campaign to censure, denounce, and penalize Schiff with a hefty $16 million fine. She accuses Schiff of misleading the American public about the nuances of the Trump-Russia investigation. Her motions were tabled shortly after the Durham report corroborated the FBI’s lack of substantial evidence to justify the initiation of the Trump-Russia investigation.

Nonetheless, Schiff consistently claimed during his term as House Judiciary chair that he possessed exclusive evidence proving collusion between Trump and Russian intelligence. Speaking to Meet The Press in 2017, he stated, “While I can’t disclose specifics, there is non-circumstantial evidence of collusion, a stance I’ve held throughout.”

Directly addressing this claim on Fox News, Luna stated, “I intend to confront Adam Schiff. I’ve drafted a privileged resolution proposing a hefty $16 million fine for his abuse of power and for fuelling a narrative that has significantly wounded our nation and possibly caused irreversible damage to our foreign relations.”

Speaking with host Maria Bartiromo, Luna was explicit in her condemnation, branding Schiff a “lawbreaker” who will face repercussions. Luna mentioned Schiff’s elusive “smoking gun,” which never emerged, despite his privileged access to information. Luna stated, “He misused his authority and played a significant role in supporting a corrupt FBI investigation into a sitting president.”

In her scathing critique, Luna extended her accusation beyond Schiff’s dishonoring of the House of Representatives. She claimed that Schiff’s actions have seriously fractured national unity, culminating in an investigation that cost taxpayers an astonishing $32 million. Luna’s candor and firm stance on accountability encapsulate the broader sentiment within the GOP, setting the stage for what promises to be a pivotal moment in the House of Representatives.

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