Just in: Gordon Ramsay Shuts Down Restaurant Drag Show

Gordon Ramsay Drag show

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay made headlines this week when he decided to shut down a restaurant’s drag show, claiming it was “too raunchy” for his delicate sensibilities.

The restaurant in question, “The Glitter Palace,” had been hosting weekly drag shows for years, delighting locals and tourists alike with their fabulous performances and over-the-top costumes. But when Gordon Ramsay walked through the door, it was clear that he was not impressed.

According to witnesses, Ramsay immediately began scowling and muttering under his breath as the drag queens sashayed down the runway, lip-syncing to pop hits and tossing glitter into the air. He complained loudly to the manager, demanding that the music be turned down and the performers be sent home.

“I can’t believe the filth that’s being peddled in here,” Ramsay reportedly shouted. “This isn’t a restaurant, it’s a brothel!”

The manager tried to reason with Ramsay, explaining that the drag show was a beloved tradition at The Glitter Palace and that many customers came specifically to see it. But Ramsay was unmoved, insisting that the restaurant’s reputation was at stake.

“I won’t stand for this kind of debauchery in my presence,” he declared. “Either you shut down this show, or I’m walking out of here right now.”

In the end, the manager reluctantly agreed to cancel the rest of the night’s performances, sending the drag queens home and leaving the audience disappointed and angry. The incident quickly went viral on social media, with many accusing Ramsay of being a prude and a homophobe.

But Ramsay defended his actions, telling reporters that he was simply trying to uphold his high standards of taste and decency.

“I have nothing against drag queens or anyone else who wants to express themselves,” he said. “But there’s a time and a place for everything, and a restaurant is not the place for that kind of entertainment. I’m sorry if some people were offended, but I stand by my decision.”

As for The Glitter Palace, it remains to be seen whether they will continue to host drag shows in the future. But one thing is for sure: they won’t be inviting Gordon Ramsay back anytime soon.

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