Just in: Hunter Biden is going down on Wednesday!

Hunter Biden

As anticipation builds for a potentially significant event on Wednesday, the House Oversight Committee is preparing to unveil previously unseen documents concerning Hunter Biden’s purported involvement in influence-peddling and financial crimes. Representative James Comer, a member of the committee, hinted at the upcoming release during a Fox News interview on Sunday.

Comer urged the Department of Justice not to charge Hunter Biden before Wednesday, stating that the evidence the committee will present is not just about the president’s son, but also concerns the entire Biden family, including President Biden himself.

The committee has reportedly spent the last hundred days examining bank records, using subpoenas to acquire them, and meeting with former associates of the Bidens involved in the alleged schemes. They claim to have uncovered evidence of multiple crimes committed by Hunter Biden, such as potential money laundering and unregistered foreign lobbying.

Comer emphasized that Wednesday will be a crucial day for the American public as they will be presented with the facts, allowing them to know the truth and potentially prompting the Department of Justice to take action that many believe is long overdue.

It was reported last week that prosecutors are close to deciding whether to indict Hunter on tax fraud and firearms charges, concluding a four-year investigation. Hunter’s legal team met with Department of Justice officials, including representatives from the tax division and the Delaware US Attorney’s office, led by David Weiss.

Hunter’s lawyers had contacted the Justice Department recently to request an update on the case. The FBI and the IRS have been investigating Hunter Biden’s business dealings in China and Ukraine, including allegations of money laundering and tax fraud.

Many have accused the Bidens of using Joe Biden’s political career for financial gain, especially during his vice presidency under Barack Obama. Critics allege that Hunter Biden, who lacked experience in the sectors he worked in, was hired by foreign companies and governments in return for access to his father.

Although the Bidens have denied any misconduct, some in Washington, D.C. have used the situation to demand President Biden’s impeachment or resignation. The impact of the documents’ release on public opinion or the Department of Justice’s ongoing investigation into Hunter’s finances remains uncertain. Nevertheless, many Democrats have continued to dismiss the allegations, labeling them as a partisan attack.

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