Just in: Whoopi Says She’ll Quit If “The View” Adds Roseanne Barr

Whoopi Roseanne Barr

Whoopi Goldberg, co-host of the popular daytime talk show “The View,” has made headlines recently with her announcement that she will quit the show if controversial comedian Roseanne Barr is added to the panel.

According to sources close to Goldberg, she believes that Barr’s past behavior and comments are unacceptable and would not be conducive to a healthy and respectful work environment.

Goldberg, a well-respected actress, and comedian has been a mainstay on “The View” since 2007, offering her unique perspective on a variety of topics. But now, she says that her time on the show may be coming to an end if Barr is brought on board.

“Listen, I love this show, I really do,” Goldberg reportedly told her co-hosts during a recent taping. “But if they bring Roseanne Barr in here, I’m out. I can’t sit across from someone who’s made racist and offensive comments like she has. It’s just not right.”

Barr, who was fired from her own show last year after making a racist comment on Twitter, has a long history of making controversial statements. Some have accused her of promoting conspiracy theories, while others have called her out for her views on race, gender, and politics.

Goldberg’s announcement has caused a stir among “The View” fans, with many expressing support for her decision. Some have even started a petition urging the show’s producers not to hire Barr, citing her past behavior as evidence that she is not fit for the job.

But others have criticized Goldberg for her stance, arguing that the show should be open to a diversity of opinions and perspectives.

They say that Barr deserves a second chance and that Goldberg’s refusal to work with her is hypocritical given her own history of making controversial statements.

As of now, it’s unclear whether Barr will actually be added to the panel of “The View,” or if Goldberg will follow through on her threat to quit if she is. But one thing is for sure: the show’s fans will be watching closely to see how this drama plays out.

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