Breaking: Kid Rock Signs $20 Million Deal with Miller, Tells Bud Light to “F*** Off”

Kid Rock Bud Light

Kid Rock, the notorious American musician and self-proclaimed “badass”, has just signed a whopping $40 million sponsorship deal with Miller beer .

The announcement came as a shock to many in the industry, as Kid Rock has long been associated with Budweiser.

But according to sources close to the deal, Kid Rock was lured away by Miller’s promise of unlimited free beer and the chance to star in his own series of outrageous commercials.

“I’m sick and tired of Bud Light’s watered-down piss,” Kid Rock reportedly said in a statement. “Miller is the real deal, and I’m proud to be associated with them.”

The move has left Bud Light reeling, with many fans of the brand expressing outrage on social media. Some have even gone so far as to boycott Kid Rock’s music , while others have taken to pouring Bud Light down the drain in protest.

But Kid Rock remains unfazed by the backlash, saying in a recent interview, “F*** you, Bud Light! Miller is where it’s at now. And if you don’t like it, tough s***.”

The sponsorship deal includes a range of marketing and promotional activities, including a new line of limited edition Kid Rock Miller cans, featuring the artist’s signature cowboy hat and sunglasses.

But some critics have questioned the wisdom of Miller’s decision to align itself with Kid Rock, given his controversial past and history of making offensive comments.

“It’s a risky move for Miller, no doubt about it,” said industry analyst John Smith. “But they’re clearly betting that Kid Rock’s bad boy image will resonate with a certain segment of the beer-drinking population.”

Only time will tell whether the gamble pays off for Miller, or whether Kid Rock’s foul-mouthed antics will prove to be a liability in the long run. But one thing is certain: for now, the battle between Miller and Bud Light just got a whole lot more interesting.

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