Kohl’s Pride Collection for Kids Sparks Outrage

Retail giant Kohl’s is currently facing a significant wave of criticism after conservative individuals shed light on the company’s Pride-themed merchandise designed for children. The collection features a delightful onesie adorned with adorable cartoon characters proudly holding a rainbow-colored flag, aiming to celebrate the spirit of Pride Month.

Unfortunately for Kohl’s , this controversy has had a tangible impact on their stock value, which plummeted by approximately five percent on Tuesday as a direct result of the uproar.

The primary source of backlash stems from individuals who take issue with the marketing of such products to babies and young children. This discontent has translated into a growing number of online hashtags, such as #BoycottKohls, and severe criticism directed towards the company. Some customers have even gone as far as calling for a complete boycott of the retailer.

Drawing comparisons to recent controversies involving Bud Light and Target, critics argue that Kohl’s has found itself embroiled in a similar situation due to its association with LGBTQ+ causes. These prior incidents faced significant backlash from conservative factions as well.

It is evident that Kohl’s is now grappling with the aftermath of this contentious debate, as concerned customers and critics voice their displeasure. The company’s response and actions in light of this controversy will undoubtedly shape its future standing within the market and the public perception of its commitment to inclusivity.

Here’s how their stocks are doing :


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