Pabst outshines Budweiser: Bags $124m exclusive beer deal with Kid Rock’s world tour

Kid Rock PUBST

In a surprising move that has left many in the beer industry scratching their heads, Pabst Brewing Company has reportedly snatched a $124 million deal from Budweiser to become the “exclusive provider” for Kid Rock’s upcoming world tour.

According to sources close to the deal, Pabst was able to woo the “American Bad Ass” singer away from Bud with promises of unlimited free beer for him and his crew, as well as the opportunity to create a signature Kid Rock beer flavor.

While the move may seem like a head-scratcher to some, others see it as a savvy marketing move by Pabst to align itself with a musician who has a dedicated fanbase of beer drinkers.

“Kid Rock is the perfect partner for Pabst,” said a spokesperson for the brewery. “He embodies the spirit of our brand and knows how to have a good time. Plus, we’re excited to work with him on creating a beer flavor that’s as bold and unapologetic as he is.”

Meanwhile, representatives for Budweiser are said to be “shocked and disappointed” by the news, with one insider calling it a “major blow” to the brand’s reputation.

“Kid Rock has been a longtime supporter of Budweiser, and we thought we had a great relationship with him,” said the insider. “To see him go to Pabst like this is a real kick in the teeth.”

As for Kid Rock himself, he seems to be taking the news in stride, joking on Twitter that he’s “just happy to have enough beer to make it through the tour.”

Only time will tell if Pabst’s bold move will pay off, but for now, the brewery seems confident that it has made the right choice in aligning itself with one of the most notorious rockers of our time.

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