Renowned Stanford Professor Claim Aliens Have Been Among Us for Centuries!

In a captivating display at the SALT iConnections conference in New York City, Dr. Garry Nolan, a distinguished professor of pathology at Stanford University, made some intriguing statements as a respected ufologist. With utmost confidence, he declared that not only have extraterrestrial beings paid visits to our planet, but they have actually been here for an extended period.

When prompted about his belief in alien visitation, Nolan took a bold stance, stating, “I firmly believe it goes beyond mere visitation. They have been present among us for a considerable time, and their presence persists to this day.”

Nolan went on to explain that these alien entities manifest in an advanced form of intelligence, employing intermediaries or agents rather than physically assuming human form. He emphasized, “They are not masquerading among us in disguise. Rather, it is a test of intelligence. They wish to discern who among us possesses the insight to recognize the true nature of their existence, to identify the anomalies that lie before us.”

Drawing a fascinating analogy, Nolan likened the phenomenon of aliens arriving in UFOs to the experience of South American tribes encountering Spanish ships for the first time. Just as the tribes lacked comprehension of the foreign vessels, our limited understanding inhibits us from grasping the true nature of the extraterrestrial presence. Nolan remarked, “Their purpose is to arrive and challenge us, seeking individuals capable of perceiving their presence for what it truly is. Can we perceive the extraordinary amidst the ordinary? Can we discern the anomalous data?”

Regarding communication with extraterrestrial intelligence, Nolan referenced the infamous “Wow! signal” incident, where a burst of radio waves from outer space captured the attention of astronomers in 1977. Contrary to popular belief, he revealed that such signals are more frequent than commonly acknowledged, representing an ongoing form of communication already established by these otherworldly beings.

As his conviction in alien visitation was questioned, Nolan responded assertively, asserting his confidence at 100%. He supported his claim by referring to the National Defense Authorization Act passed the previous year, which established an office dedicated to unidentified aerial phenomena. He noted that this office, known as the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), employs 25 individuals tasked with collecting and consolidating information from various defense and intelligence agencies, presenting it to Congress in a standardized format for the first time.

Emphasizing the significance of governmental actions, Nolan urged observers to consider the current initiatives undertaken by the authorities. He maintained, “To comprehend the reality of extraterrestrial presence, one must scrutinize the actions of your own government.” Furthermore, he mentioned a recent whistle-blowing incident that stirred significant attention in Washington and led 12 U.S. senators to request further details concerning UFOs.

In a shocking revelation, the ufologist contended that experts are actively engaged in the reverse engineering of unidentified spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin, aiming to unlock the secrets held within these enigmatic crashed crafts.

Dr. Garry Nolan’s thought-provoking remarks at the conference undoubtedly challenged conventional notions, compelling us to explore the possibility of prolonged extraterrestrial presence on Earth and the remarkable implications that accompany it.

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