Lia Thomas Woman Sports
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Breaking: Lia Thomas Banned From Participating In Women’s Sports, “She Doesn’t Fit”

In a world more obsessed with rules than a hall monitor with a new whistle, the International Women’s Sports Federation (IWSF) announced today that Lia Thomas , the lightning rod trans athlete, has been banned from participating in women’s sports. First, let’s address the elephant in the room or, in this case, the grizzly bear on […]

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The View Whoopi Goldberg Faceplant Jason Aldean
Featured Hollywood Satire

Breaking: Whoopi Goldberg Faceplants During Debate With Jason Aldean On ‘The View’

In a cataclysmic collision of pop culture and country music, Whoopi Goldberg, revered comedian and stalwart of ‘The View’, found herself on shaky ground during a recent debate with none other than Jason Aldean, the country singer who has been stirring the pot of controversy lately. Whoopi, never one to shy away from controversy herself, […]

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merrick garland Emma Heussner

Harvard Alumna Causes Stir Online by Walking Out on Merrick Garland’s Speech

Emma Heussner, a recent Harvard alumna and current social media director for the Daily Caller, made headlines when she left her own commencement ceremony as Merrick Garland, the controversial Attorney General under the Biden administration, took the stage to deliver his speech. Heussner later shared her thoughts in an interview, expressing her disbelief at the […]

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Jon Voight Whoopi Goldberg

Jon Voight Unleashes On Whoopi Goldberg On The View: “Get The F**K Out If You Don’t Like It Here”

In a recent interview on The View, Jon Voight, the Academy Award-winning actor known for his conservative views, lost his cool with co-host Whoopi Goldberg. The heated exchange began when Goldberg challenged Voight on his support for former President Donald Trump, citing his controversial policies and statements. Voight, who has been a vocal supporter of […]

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