Harvard Alumna Causes Stir Online by Walking Out on Merrick Garland’s Speech

merrick garland Emma Heussner

Emma Heussner, a recent Harvard alumna and current social media director for the Daily Caller, made headlines when she left her own commencement ceremony as Merrick Garland, the controversial Attorney General under the Biden administration, took the stage to deliver his speech.

Heussner later shared her thoughts in an interview, expressing her disbelief at the negative portrayal of the United States in Garland’s address.

In a social media post, she expressed her unwillingness to sit through 30 minutes of Garland talking about himself. This move garnered significant attention on Twitter, where her follower count skyrocketed to nearly 15,000. The reactions were mixed, with some praising her courage and others criticizing her actions.

Responding to a critic, Heussner humorously noted that she simply left her graduation ceremony and was surprised by the outrage. She received support from many, including those who appreciated her taking a stand for her beliefs.

Heussner explained her decision to leave the ceremony, stating that after listening to Latin speeches and formalities for over two hours, she was eager to reunite with her parents who had supported her throughout her journey.

A year later, in an interview with Fox News Digital, she confirmed that she would not hesitate to repeat her actions, citing the importance of the “silent majority” to speak up. Heussner emphasized the need for conservatives to break their silence, lest they become complicit in the left’s ever-expanding agenda.

Furthermore, Heussner stressed the importance of universities fostering an environment that encourages critical thinking, debate, and learning from diverse perspectives. She believed that by leaving Garland’s speech, she was not only honoring her own values but also acknowledging the sacrifices made by her parents to support her education.

In conclusion, Heussner’s actions sparked a debate about standing up for one’s beliefs and the role of universities in promoting intellectual diversity. Her story highlights the growing divide in American politics and the significance of taking a stand in the face of adversity.

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