TRUE: CMT Restores Jason Aldean’s Hit ‘Try That In A Small Town’ Due To Backlash

Jason Aldean Try That In A Small Town CMT

As they say in Nashville, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the honky-tonk! In a twist as surprising as a key change in a pop song, Country Music Television (CMT) has decided to dust off their cowboy boots and dance to a different tune – by restoring Jason Aldean’s controversial hit , “Try That In A Small Town”.

Just when we thought CMT had packed up its guitars and left the country music festival for good, the television network has staged a comeback more impressive than a Taylor Swift ballad. Amid a sea of backlash, CMT has decided to hit the “undo” button on their controversial decision to pull Aldean’s song.

CMT’s decision to restore the song seems to be their way of saying, “Fine, y’all. We messed up. Now can we all go back to enjoying some good old-fashioned country music?” But with the dust far from settled, the question remains: Is it too little too late?

The aftermath of their initial decision to yank Aldean’s hit has left a landscape as scarred as a heartbroken country song. The TV giant faced an unprecedented loss of $200 billion, enough to make anyone sing the blues. Meanwhile, broadcasting titans Comcast and DirecTV dealt further blows by suspending CMT from their platforms.

But amidst the ashes of the chaos, a phoenix has risen, carrying a message of country harmony and forgiveness. Jason Aldean’s hit has been restored to its rightful place on CMT’s playlist, much to the delight (and surprise) of fans worldwide.

The move has been hailed as CMT’s attempt at reconciliation with the disgruntled Aldean Army. However, the restoration of the song has opened up a new can of worms. The decision has left people scratching their cowboy hats and wondering if CMT is flip-flopping more than a pancake on a griddle.

Many questions linger: Was this a genuine attempt to make amends, or is it a desperate effort to avoid further losses? Does CMT genuinely believe in the value of the song, or have they surrendered to the torrent of backlash? And perhaps the biggest question of all – will the fans forgive them?

Whatever their motives, CMT seems to have picked up their guitar and strummed a new tune. And while it may not erase their initial blunder, it certainly adds an interesting verse to this country saga.

Meanwhile, Jason Aldean must be feeling like he just headlined the Grand Ole Opry. His song is back on the air, and its popularity has skyrocketed amid the controversy. Talk about making lemonade out of lemons – or in this case, sweet country music out of a sour situation!

In the crazy world of country music, one thing’s for certain: the show must go on. And as the saga of “Try That In A Small Town” continues to unfold, we’re all buckled up for a wild ride. So pull up a barstool, grab your drink of choice, and tune into CMT. Because this ain’t over, y’all. The best is yet to come.

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