TRUE: Gordon Ramsay Goes Nuclear, Vows To Get ‘The View’ Cancelled

Gordon The View Ban

Ah, British chef extraordinaire and sometimes fire-breathing dragon Gordon Ramsay, known for his outbursts on Hell’s Kitchen and critiques on MasterChef. But who knew that his newest mission wouldn’t involve food, but instead be an attempt to toss “The View” into the proverbial trash bin?

Apparently, the iconic TV chef has grown weary of undercooked steak, half-baked ideas, and now, according to close sources, daytime talk shows. Ramsay, in an unprecedented move, announced his intention to get ABC’s flagship talk show, “The View,” off the airwaves.

“I’ve seen undercooked risottos, scrambled eggs that resemble rubber, and now this? ‘The View’? You wouldn’t serve that content to a dog!” declared Ramsay, pacing up and down in a faux-kitchen set during a surprise press conference.

The reason for Ramsay’s vehement tirade against “The View” is as layered as a well-made lasagna. Word on the street is that the culinary expert once appeared as a guest on the show a few years back. And though many would think his beef would be with the sometimes heated debates, no – it was the green room snacks. Allegedly, the nachos were subpar and his requested sparkling water? Flat.

“Look, I don’t expect every place to have Michelin-starred hors d’oeuvres, but that? That was a crime against snacks,” Ramsay ranted, referring to his past experience on the show.

But, one could argue, surely a culinary mishap isn’t enough to wage a one-man war against a show that’s been running for two decades? Oh, but when you’re Gordon Ramsay, it’s always about principles. And seasoning.

Whoopi Goldberg, a leading figure on “The View,” reportedly tried to calm the stormy culinary seas by inviting Ramsay back to the show for a cook-off . “We thought, why not? Let’s have a little fun, cook some eggs, and show him that we know our way around a frying pan. Plus, we’ve upgraded our sparkling water brand since then.”

However, the olive branch extended by Goldberg might have been tossed into the fryer. Ramsay, ever the competitor, purportedly agreed on one condition: if he wins the cook-off, “The View” must be taken off-air for a month.

Joy Behar, another staple of “The View,” commented on Ramsay’s challenge, saying, “Look, I’ve been on this show for years. I’ve faced politicians, analysts, and now Ramsay? Bring it on! Also, I make a mean spaghetti carbonara.”

In preparation for the impending cook-off, “The View” set has undergone a drastic transformation. The familiar cozy couches and table have been replaced with cooking stations, complete with state-of-the-art ovens and utensils. There are also rumors of a mysterious celebrity judge panel, which some say might include the Barefoot Contessa herself, Ina Garten, and the always unpredictable Guy Fieri.

The Twitter universe, never one to miss out on potential drama, has already spawned trending hashtags like #RamsayViewDuel and #EggGate. Several celebrity chefs, including Nigella Lawson and Bobby Flay, have chimed in, albeit with cryptic tweets that seem to both encourage and mock the upcoming duel.

Despite the humorous undertone of this culinary clash, there’s a more profound question at its core: Can a chef, no matter how iconic, truly influence the course of a talk show’s fate? While the odds seem stacked against Ramsay, if there’s one thing his career has shown, it’s that he’s full of surprises.

One thing’s for certain, though: if this cook-off goes ahead, it will be the most-watched episode of “The View” in its history. And regardless of the outcome, both parties are set to come out sizzling.

Will Ramsay be the one to finally silence “The View”? Or will the ladies of the iconic talk show prove that they can stand the heat and won’t be kicked out of the kitchen? One thing is for sure: when these worlds collide, viewers are in for a treat that promises to be both savory and spicy.

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