TRUE: The View’s Sunny Hostin Faces Wrath Of Elon Musk

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The world of daytime talk shows is notorious for its unpredictable turns and catfights, both verbal and sometimes, almost physical. But who would’ve thought that we’d witness a crossover between the universe of daytime TV and the realm of rockets, space, and the promise of Mars colonization?

Sunny Hostin, co-host on The View, managed to ignite a cosmic-sized reaction from none other than Elon Musk. Known for his serpentine command of Twitter, rapid car production, and the audacious dream of conquering space, Musk didn’t hold back after Sunny decided to voice her criticisms on his space-faring venture, SpaceX.

On a fateful episode of The View, while discussing technological advancements, Sunny quipped, “Why are we even talking about going to Mars? Maybe Elon should think about fixing the potholes on our roads first.” This was followed by her side-eye to the camera, as the audience gasped and laughed. She then further elaborated, expressing skepticism over SpaceX’s safety protocols and the entire Mars colonization goal.

Little did she know, in some chamber of one of his multi-storied homes or perhaps while zooming through a Hyperloop test tunnel, Musk was probably watching. And he wasn’t about to let that comment slide by.

With his fingers probably charged up after charging his Tesla, Musk took to Twitter to respond. “Watched @TheView today. It seems Sunny needs a brighter perspective on space. Perhaps she should visit SpaceX and see the innovation for herself? #InvitationExtended.”

However, that was just the beginning. Musk, known for his relentless Twitter streaks, continued, “SpaceX has made historical strides in space exploration. We aim for the stars (and Mars), not potholes, Sunny. #MarsOverPotholes.” This hashtag quickly trended worldwide, with many fans jumping into the fray, and the meme universe experienced a big bang. Memes ranged from Sunny repairing potholes on a Martian landscape to Elon inviting her to be the next guest astronaut on a SpaceX flight.

But the tech mogul’s most explosive tweet was yet to come. “Criticisms are welcome, but misinformation isn’t. Today’s comments on SpaceX were not only uninformed but leaned heavily towards defamation. I respect everyone’s right to an opinion, but I also respect my right to challenge it. #DefamationOrOpinion.”

Sunny, not one to back down, responded on her Twitter, “Dear Elon, thanks for watching! Daytime TV could use more fans like you. As for your invitation, do you have a comfortable guest lounge at SpaceX? Asking for myself.”

While Twitter was eating up this feud, other hosts of The View jumped in. Whoopi Goldberg humorously tweeted, “Can we not send her to space? We need her here. But I wouldn’t mind a Tesla, Elon!” Joy Behar remarked, “I don’t know about Mars, but I can surely recommend a good Italian place here on Earth, Elon. Let’s chat?”

While the entire incident has been wrapped in humor, wit, and a whirlwind of memes, it highlights the volatile marriage between the tech world and pop culture. Elon Musk, who straddles both worlds with ease, remains at the center of it.

As for Sunny and Elon, their Twitter skirmish has certainly added more ‘fuel’ to The View’s popularity. Speculations are rife about Elon’s potential guest appearance on the show. And if that happens, it won’t just be a ‘view’; it would be an epic face-off worth watching.

Musk’s final tweet on the issue was, “Daytime TV, Mars, and Twitter. What a time to be alive!” And we couldn’t agree more. Whatever your views on SpaceX, Mars, or potholes, it’s undeniable that the amalgamation of different worlds, whether they are of tech, television, or interstellar aspirations, makes for some unforgettable entertainment.

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