Tucker Carlson Takes Legal Action Against PAC Claiming Presidential Candidacy

Tucker Carlson’s legal representatives have taken action against a political action committee (PAC) aimed at persuading the former Fox News host to enter the presidential race. In a cease-and-desist letter released by attorney Harmeet Dhillon on Tuesday, it was requested that the PAC refrain from seeking funds intended to support Carlson’s potential candidacy in the 2024 campaign.

Dhillon’s letter, obtained by Mediaite, highlighted the concern that the PAC was misleadingly soliciting donations and donor information from the public, falsely claiming that these funds would be utilized to draft Carlson as a presidential candidate in 2024. The letter made it clear that Carlson had no intentions of running for president in 2024, emphasizing that such misrepresentations were detrimental to him and deceived his supporters. Dhillon warned that if the efforts to solicit money for the purported “draft” of Carlson were not immediately halted, legal measures would be pursued to protect his rights and his supporters from these deceptive practices.

Records from the Federal Election Commission (FEC) indicate that the formation of the “Draft Tucker PAC” occurred shortly after Carlson’s departure from Fox on April 24th. The PAC’s team includes Executive Director Charlie Kolean, a GOP consultant based in Dallas, and Treasurer Elizabeth Curtis.

Dhillon clarified that legal action against the PAC remained a possibility if Kolean and Curtis persisted in their fundraising activities without suspension. The attorney conveyed Carlson’s desire to prevent his supporters from being misled into contributing their hard-earned money and personal information to a project that he does not endorse and which has no chance of achieving its stated objectives. Dhillon concluded the letter by warning that if the “Draft Tucker” endeavor was not voluntarily terminated, all available legal options would be pursued to prevent the unauthorized use of Carlson’s name, likeness, and image, and to safeguard his supporters from fraudulent practices.

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