“WORST GUEST EVER! “: Modern Family Star Eric Stonestreet Is Mocked on the Podcast By Taylor Strecker

Taylor Strecker Eric Stonestreet

Do you know the popular actor Eric Stonestreet? Well, who doesn’t? He earned fame for his role as Cameron Tucker in the famous sitcom Modern Family, where he played a cheerful character with a big heart.

“Modern Family,” a sitcom on the ABC network (American Broadcasting Company) created by Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan, has eleven seasons and 250 episodes. Can you imagine how much people loved this show? After the hype the fans had created, it lasted for more than a decade. Huge!

The show portrays the lives of three different families in suburban Los Angeles with various backgrounds, connected through their father figure, Jay Pritchett.

However, off-screen, radio host Taylor Strecker has thrown him under the bus, claiming he has a ‘nasty’ side. The host of The Taste of Taylor and the Taylor Strecker Show appeared as a guest on Paige DeSorbo’s Summer House, which was broadcast on Amazon Live on June 25.

Taste of Taylor Strecker is a podcast where Taylor Strecker invites celebrities and influencer guests, and they talk about their tastes and opinions each week. It’s part of the Dear Media network!

While Taylor Strecker was at Paige DeSorbo’s Summer House, DeSorbo asked her, “Who is the worst guest you have ever had on your podcast?” after she had mentioned that she would answer, “Pretty much any question.” It was clear that she was ready to spill the beans. Strecker stayed true to her word, revealing “Eric Stonestreet” as the worst guest.

This made DeSorbo laugh and ask, “Who the heck is that?” Strecker clarified, “He’s from Modern Family, okay, and he’s like the chubby, jolly, sweet, funny one.”

When DeSorbo finally connected the dots, she responded, “You’re kidding.” Strecker continued: “Could he be anything but nasty?”

When DeSorbo realized exactly who Strecker was talking about, she looked visibly upset. Strecker asked, “Just ruined your life?” to which DeSorbo replied, “Kind of.” Strecker had initially thought Eric had come to promote Modern Family.

But she later realized he was there to promote Pepto Bismol, a remedy for heartburn, acid reflux, indigestion, diarrhea, and nausea. It turned out she had been barking up the wrong tree.

DeSorbo joked, “Eurgh, get him out of here.” Strecker went on: “We’re talking, we’re talking, I’m like you know just being my adorable self. “And he’s like, ‘So when are we going to talk about Pepto-Bismol?”

“So I said, I have hemorrhoids; I’m the queen of diarrhea, I love Pepto-Bismol we can talk about whatever you want.” “And he said to me, and I quote, ‘Somebody didn’t do their homework’.”

Shocked, DeSorbo said that Stonestreet appeared to be trying to “tattle” on Strecker during her show. It seemed he was out to settle the score.

Strecker later said: “So, I snapped, and I said, ‘I’m sorry, am I getting paid by Pepto-Bismol? The answer is no, so that’s your job to figure out, not mine.” Clips of their supposed conversation seem to be out of stock online, and Strecker didn’t pin down when she interviewed the actor. It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

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