Anheuser Busch to discontinue and rebrand their flagship beer: Bud Light

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In a shocking move, Anheuser Busch has announced that they will be discontinuing their flagship beer brand, Bud Light, following a recent PR disaster.

The decision comes after a series of unfortunate events that began when a case of Bud Light was sent to Dylan Mulvaney, a man from Michigan who had never shown any interest in the brand before.

The company had hoped that the gesture would help them gain new customers and increase brand loyalty, but instead, it had the opposite effect.

Mulvaney took to social media to express his disdain for the beer, posting a video of himself pouring it down the drain with the caption “Sorry, not sorry, Bud Light.”

The video quickly went viral, with thousands of people sharing it and expressing their own negative opinions about the brand.

Anheuser Busch tried to do some damage control by apologizing to Mulvaney and offering him free beer for life, but the damage had already been done.

In an official statement, Anheuser Busch’s CEO, Michel Doukeris, said, “We take full responsibility for the Bud Light fiasco, and we recognize that we have let down our customers.

As a result, we have decided to discontinue the brand and focus our efforts on developing a new, better-tasting beer that we believe will be more appealing to consumers.”

The new beer will be called “Bud Better,” and Anheuser Busch has already started marketing it as a premium, artisanal product. The company is hoping that the rebranding will help them regain the trust of consumers and put the Bud Light fiasco behind them.

The decision to discontinue Bud Light has been met with mixed reactions from beer drinkers, with some expressing sadness at the loss of a beloved brand and others saying that they won’t miss it at all.

Regardless, Anheuser Busch is confident that the new beer will be a hit and that they will be able to recover from the PR nightmare that was the Bud Light fiasco.

In the meantime, the company has urged customers to dispose of any remaining cans of Bud Light and to look out for the new Bud Better beer, which will be hitting store shelves soon.

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