Backlash Against “Woke” Peter Pan Results in Record-Low Pre-Sale for Disney

Peter Pan Reboot

Disney’s highly anticipated “Woke Peter Pan” reboot appears to be in serious trouble, as reports indicate that it has had the worst pre-sale numbers in the company’s history.

According to sources close to the project, the film, which aims to modernize the classic tale of Peter Pan with a “woke” twist, has been met with intense backlash from fans and critics alike.

“Let’s just say that people aren’t too happy about a ‘woke’ version of Peter Pan,” one insider said. “It’s been a real struggle to get people on board with the idea.”

The film’s troubled production has only added to the negative buzz, with reports of clashes between the director and studio executives, as well as delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite these challenges, Disney had hoped that the film’s beloved source material and all-star cast would be enough to draw in audiences. But so far, it seems that those hopes have been dashed.

“Pre-sale numbers are through the floor,” the insider said. “We’re talking about a record low for Disney here. It’s not looking good.”

Critics have also been quick to weigh in on the controversy, with some accusing Disney of pandering to “woke” culture in a desperate bid for relevance.

“Disney is trying way too hard to be ‘woke’,” one critic wrote. “It’s like they’re more interested in pushing an agenda than telling a good story.”

Others, however, have defended the film, arguing that it is an important step towards greater inclusivity in Hollywood.

“We need more films that challenge the status quo and represent a wider range of perspectives,” one supporter tweeted. “I, for one, am excited to see what ‘Woke Peter Pan’ has to offer.”

For now, Disney is remaining tight-lipped about the situation, with executives declining to comment on the pre-sale numbers. But with the film set to be released in just a few short weeks, it seems that the company has a lot of work to do if it hopes to turn things around.

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