Bud Light’s Mistake Nets Kid Rock Over $30 Million in Earnings

Bud Light Kid Rock Mistake

In a shocking turn of events, it has been revealed that Kid Rock has made more than $30 million dollars from Bud Light’s mistake of endorsing Dylan Mulvaney instead of him.

Sources close to the situation say that Kid Rock had been quietly seething after Bud Light mistakenly endorsed Dylan Mulvaney, a relatively unknown country artist, in a 2019 Super Bowl ad.

According to these sources, Kid Rock had been lobbying for the endorsement for months, but Bud Light had ultimately gone with Mulvaney instead.

However, Kid Rock did not take the snub lying down. Instead, he used the opportunity to launch a massive trolling campaign against Bud Light, releasing a series of satirical music videos and launching a social media campaign under the hashtag #KidRockforBudLight.

It seems that his efforts have paid off, as Bud Light’s mistake has inadvertently given Kid Rock a massive boost in popularity and revenue.

According to industry analysts, Kid Rock’s merchandise sales have skyrocketed since the campaign began, and his music streams and concert ticket sales have also seen a significant increase.

“Kid Rock has really shown his marketing genius with this one,” said one industry expert. “By turning a negative into a positive, he’s managed to turn a small mistake by Bud Light into a huge payday for himself.”

As for Bud Light, they have declined to comment on the situation, but insiders say that the company is now regretting their decision to snub Kid Rock. Some have even speculated that the company may be considering a new endorsement deal with the controversial artist.

Only time will tell if Kid Rock’s success will continue, but for now, it seems that he has emerged as the real winner in Bud Light’s mistake.

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