Just in: Another State Bans Trans Procedures On Kids, Becoming 16th State To Enact Such Law

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt

Oklahoma has joined 15 other states in safeguarding young children from irreversible gender transition procedures and medications.

Oklahoma’s Republican Governor, Kevin Stitt, enacted a law prohibiting gender reassignment surgeries for minors.

The legislation prohibits elective double mastectomies for young girls identifying as boys and bars the use of puberty blockers and cross-se* hormones in children.

Governor Stitt shared his enthusiasm for the new law, stating, “I had previously urged for a comprehensive ban on permanent gender transition surgeries and hormone treatments for minors, so I am delighted to sign this into law today and safeguard our children.”

He continued, “We must not ignore what’s happening nationwide, and as governor, I am proud to advocate for what is right and ban these life-changing surgeries on minors in Oklahoma.” Progressive organizations, including the ACLU, have pledged to challenge the law legally.

Lambda Legal, the ACLU, and the ACLU of Oklahoma asserted, “Gender-affirming care plays a vital role in helping transgender adolescents thrive, form healthy connections with their peers and family, live genuinely as themselves, and envision their future.”

The groups added, “If this bill becomes law, we will fight for the rights of transgender youth in court, as we have done in other states embroiled in this unscientific and prejudiced fearmongering.” More details on this story can be found on Daily Wire:

Previously, Governor Stitt had called on Oklahoma legislators to pass such a law and threatened to withhold funding from Oklahoma Children’s Hospital at OU Health after it was revealed that the hospital provided cross-se* hormones to transgender-identifying children.

The Republican governor also signed a bill mandating that students use restrooms and participate in sports teams corresponding to their biological se*. Before the enactment of the law, the ACLU of Oklahoma had vowed to take legal action against it, following the pattern of ACLU-affiliated organizations in other states.

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