Just in: Kathy Griffin Arrested for Shoplifting In Beverly Hills

Kathy griffin arrested

Kathy Griffin, the comedian and actress, was arrested on Wednesday for shoplifting at a high-end boutique in Beverly Hills.

According to witnesses, Griffin was caught on camera stuffing several expensive items into her purse before attempting to walk out of the store without paying.

Upon being stopped by store security, Griffin reportedly attempted to play it off as a joke, claiming that she was just “borrowing” the items for a photoshoot. However, her excuse fell on deaf ears, and she was subsequently taken into police custody.

In a statement released to the press, Griffin’s publicist stated that the incident was a “misunderstanding,” and that Griffin had simply forgotten to pay for the items in question. However, this explanation seems unlikely, given the high price tags on the stolen items.

Many fans of the actress were left scratching their heads in disbelief at the news, with some taking to social media to express their disappointment.

“I can’t believe Kathy would do something like this,” wrote one Twitter user. “It’s such a shame to see someone with so much talent make such a foolish mistake.”

Meanwhile, others couldn’t help but make jokes at Griffin’s expense, with some suggesting that this was all just a ploy to stay relevant in the media spotlight. “Looks like Kathy’s latest publicity stunt didn’t go quite as planned,” joked one Instagram user.

As for Griffin herself, she has yet to comment publicly on the incident. However, one thing is for sure: she won’t be forgetting to pay for her purchases anytime soon.

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