Tucker Carlson Gives Patriotism Lesson to Whoopi Goldberg: “You Have Never Loved Any Country”

Tucker Carlson Whoopi Goldberg

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has once again stirred up controversy with his latest comments, this time targeting co-host of “The View,” Whoopi Goldberg. During a recent segment on his show, Carlson gave Goldberg a master class in patriotism, claiming that she has never loved any country.

“I hate to break it to you, Whoopi, but you’ve never loved any country,” Carlson said. “You’re always complaining about America, always talking about how terrible it is. You should be grateful that you live in the greatest country on Earth.”

Goldberg was quick to fire back, calling Carlson’s comments “ridiculous.” “I love this country,” she said. “But that doesn’t mean I can’t criticize it when I think it’s doing something wrong.”

Carlson, however, was not swayed by Goldberg’s argument. “You can’t love something if you’re constantly tearing it down,” he said. “That’s not patriotism, that’s just being negative.”

The segment quickly went viral on social media, with many people criticizing Carlson for his narrow-minded views on patriotism.

“Who is Tucker Carlson to decide who loves their country and who doesn’t?” wrote one Twitter user. “This is just another example of Fox News trying to create controversy to boost their ratings.”

Goldberg, for her part, seems unfazed by the whole situation. “I love this country, and I have the right to criticize it when I think it’s necessary,” she said. “That’s what makes this country great.”

As for Carlson, he has yet to issue an apology for his comments. In fact, he seems to be doubling down on his stance.

“You can love your country and still think it needs improvement,” he said in a recent tweet. “But if all you do is complain about it, that’s not patriotism. That’s just being a downer.”

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