Just in: MSNBC Drops Joy Reid, Deems Her Message ‘Outdated’

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In a shocking move today, MSNBC announced that it has decided to release Joy Reid from her position as a host on the network. According to a statement released by the network, Reid’s message was deemed “outdated” and no longer in line with the network’s values.

“Joy has been a valuable member of our team for many years, but unfortunately, her message no longer resonates with our viewers,” said the statement.

“We believe that our audience is looking for a different kind of programming, one that is more in tune with the changing times.”

The announcement has come as a surprise to many, as Reid has been a mainstay on the network for years and has been a vocal advocate for progressive causes.

Her show, “The ReidOut,” has been a platform for voices that are often marginalized in the media, and she has been an outspoken critic of the Trump administration and the Republican party.

Many of Reid’s fans have expressed their disappointment at the news, with some accusing the network of caving in to pressure from conservative groups.

There has been speculation that the decision may have been influenced by recent controversies surrounding Reid, including her past comments on social media that were deemed homophobic.

However, the network has denied that this was a factor in its decision to release Reid, insisting that it was simply a matter of her message no longer resonating with viewers.

In a statement, Reid expressed her disappointment but also thanked the network for the opportunity to work with them.

“While I am sad to be leaving MSNBC, I am grateful for the time I have spent here and the support I have received from my colleagues and viewers,” she said.

“I will continue to speak out on issues that matter to me, and I hope that my message will find a new audience in the future.”

The news of Reid’s release has sent shockwaves through the media industry, with many speculating on what this means for the future of progressive voices in the media.

Some have accused MSNBC of abandoning its commitment to diversity and inclusion, while others have praised the network for taking a bold step in a new direction.

Only time will tell what impact this decision will have on the media landscape, but one thing is certain: the departure of Joy Reid will be felt by many who have come to rely on her as a powerful voice for change.

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