“Take Your Wokeness With You”: Candace Owens Throws Lia Thomas Out Of The View Set

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In a turn of events that left viewers of “The View” both bewildered and amused, Candace Owens, the newest co-host replacing Whoopi Goldberg, took a stand against what she called “extreme wokeness” by theatrically ejecting Lia Thomas, the transgender swimmer, from the show’s set.

The episode, which critics are already calling a mix between a Shakespearean drama and a Saturday Night Live skit, began innocuously enough. Owens, known for her conservative viewpoints and no-nonsense approach, started the show with her trademark blend of sharp wit and controversial opinions. However, the tone quickly shifted when Lia Thomas, invited as a guest to discuss her journey as a transgender athlete, took the stage.

As Thomas began to share her story, Owens interrupted, brandishing a pool noodle she had seemingly hidden under the desk. “This is a metaphor for the absurdity we’re swimming in!” Owens exclaimed, waving the noodle with the flair of a seasoned matador. The audience, unsure whether to laugh or gasp, settled for a confused murmur.

Thomas, taken aback by the unexpected prop and Owens’ fiery demeanor, tried to steer the conversation back to her experiences and the challenges she faced. However, Owens, now standing on her chair for dramatic effect, declared, “This set is no place for wokeness! Take your pool noodle and your agenda, and swim out of here!”

With a flourish, Owens ‘escorted’ Thomas off the set, nudging her with the pool noodle as if guiding a ship out of harbor. The audience, now realizing the theatrics of the situation, erupted into a mixture of cheers, boos, and laughter.

Backstage, producers were reportedly scrambling, torn between the goldmine of ratings and the potential PR nightmare. “Do we let her continue? Is this good television or a lawsuit waiting to happen?” one anonymous producer was overheard saying.

Meanwhile, on social media, the incident sparked a wildfire of reactions. Hashtags like #PoolNoodlePolitics and #TheViewUnviewed trended globally. Memes featuring Owens and her noodle in various historical and fictional settings flooded Twitter and Instagram.

Amidst the chaos, satirists and commentators had a field day. “Candace Owens just redefined ‘poolside politics,'” quipped one late-night host. Another joked, “Who needs a debate when you have a pool noodle? It’s both soft and hard-hitting.”

In a surprising twist, Lia Thomas, speaking to reporters after the incident, expressed no hard feelings. “It was unexpected, but in a way, it’s opened up more conversations. Plus, I never thought I’d be part of a viral meme,” she said with a smile.

The episode ended with Owens returning to her seat, pool noodle in tow, ready to tackle the next topic with her characteristic zeal. “That’s enough drama for one day,” she quipped, “Let’s talk about something less controversial, like pineapple on pizza.”

As the credits rolled, viewers were left to ponder the surreal spectacle they had just witnessed. Was it a poignant critique of political discourse, a masterful piece of performance art, or just another day in the unpredictable world of live television?

One thing was certain: “The View” had never been viewed quite like this before.

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